How to Clean KPOP and Anime Plush Doll Properly

How to Clean KPOP and Anime Plush Doll Properly

The secret to the softness of plush dolls lies in the materials they are made with - minky fabric. 

When you have dolls this soft, you want to make sure to keep them that way—but do you know how to care for minky fabric? Luckily, learning how to wash a minky plush doll and care for the material is really quite simple.


What You'll Need

  • A doll that needs cleaning
  • A laundry tub or sink 
  • A toothbrush with soft bristles
  • One teaspoon of gentle detergent (avoid fabric softeners)
  • Cool plain water (avoid hot water)
  • Clean, dry, white towels (colored ones may cause the color to transfer)


Step 1: Remove the Doll's Clothes (if any)

Doll clothes are made using different fabric materials as the doll. Even lightly dyed items and older clothes can leech dye during a wash, which can stain your dolls or give them a dull, grey appearance

Don’t wash your minky plush doll with other laundry for the best results. 


Step 2: Mix the detergent and water in the laundry tub.

Mix the tablespoon of detergent with a cup of cool plain water.

Avoid detergents with fabric softeners and scents - they can steal the softness from your minky.

Also, avoid using hot water (warm water is fine) as heat from hot water can melt the fibers and cause the tips of the yarn-like strands to become hard.

TMI: The main reason minky does not react well to heat is that it is made from 100% polyester fibers and polyester is a type of plastic. Plastic can melt, which is why you have to be extremely cautious about temperature when it comes to minky fabric.


Step 3: Spot Clean the Doll

Dip part of a clean towel into the diluted detergent. Gently wring the towel so it is not dripping wet. Blot at the stains in a circular motion. Move to a clean area of the cloth as the stains are transferred and repeat the process until the entire doll is cleaned.

[OPTIONAL] Scrubbing with toothbrush
If the doll had problem areas that still appear dirty, you can consider using a toothbrush to scrub out the stains. Moisten the toothbrush as you would the towel. Scrub gently, avoiding the embroidered parts and areas around the embroidery. Embroidery are extremely delicate - you don't want to snap or dislodge the threads. 

⚠️ Avoid getting the doll entirely soaked. It is very hard to dry the cotton stuffing inside and the doll could smell sour, or worse, grow mold.


Step 4: Rinse to Remove Detergent Residue

Empty and clean the laundry tub. Fill it with cool plain water.

Wipe down the cleaned area with a cloth dipped in cool plain water (not dripping wet), in circular motions, to remove any cleaning solution residue. If the water in the laundry tub gets too soapy, empty the tub and fill with cool plain water to rinse the plush again.

⚠️ Avoid wringing out the doll as you may dislodge the stuffing, causing the doll to lose its form. 


Step 5: Dry the Doll 

Roll the doll in a thick, clean white towel to help remove moisture. Alternatively, you can use paper towels if your doll isn't very damp.

If you must use a clothes dryer to save time, use the lowest heat setting possible. Place the doll in a white mesh bag or pillow case for better protection of delicate embroidered parts. Avoid using dryer sheets as it may leave your doll with clumpy areas.

[OPTIONAL] Grooming with toothbrush
Before your plush dries completely, you can use a toothbrush to comb through all the minky. First brush it up against the fur direction (generally towards the top of the doll's head) and then down to it's proper place.

To prevent damage, allow the doll to air-dry in a warm sunny spot (avoid direct sunlight). You can also place the doll near a fan or a dehumidifier to speed up drying time and ensure that the inner stuffing doesn't retain water

 ⚠️ Do not hang the doll to dry, the pins/pegs/clips can damage the minky fabric by leaving pressed marks.


Can you put plush dolls in the washing machine?

In short, yes. You can place the doll in a white mesh bag or pillow case before washing on the cold temperature and delicate cycle setting with your gentle laundry detergent (no fabric softeners). 

Washing machines are very hard on fabrics. Dolls may contain glued-on decorations/hair pieces/details that won't stand up to the washing and tumbling. Embroidery are also delicate and may come undone during the washing and tumbling.

If you want your plush to last, do not put it in the washing machine.

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